by JD

I was getting a bit worried about the weather as Saturday drew near with Thursday and Friday looking pretty ordinary but the hippy gods were smiling on us as Saturday came along with clear skies and the journey to Nirvana, I mean Nimbin was upon us.

We debated which way to go from Landsborough with the bikes of myself, Mud, Garry, Al and Marcus heading off through Somerset to meet up with Todd and the car with Lou, Dave and his mates Cliff and Ben heading down the highway. The plan was to meet up at Rathdowny pub.

The ride out to Somerset for coffee was a great way to start the trip and we met up with Todd on his Suzi at Fernvale. We then headed through Peak Springs and Boonah and took a little detour to Maroon Dam for a smoko. Nice spot! It was then on to Rathdowny where Dave, Lou and the boys had settled in to a feed, a few beers and a game of darts. Excellent steak sandwich with these weird magnetic forks that had a mind of their own.

We eventually dragged ourselves out of the pub to head down the Bellís Camp Rd and as you might guess I had a sense of trepidation heading to my crash spot from last year. Bellís Camp Rd was what I had remembered although I was going a bit slower than when Mal, Marty and I went over it last time. It would have to be one of the most treacherous roads for bikes Iíve been on with all sorts of interesting bits from gravel on the road, wet runoffs through the rainforest, tight blind corners that end in narrow bridges and roller coaster hills that leave your stomach behind and turn at the crests. Great fun!

I gingerly made the corner I crashed on at about 100kís slower than last time. We stopped there while I found a bit of my old bike and saw the mark in the railing where I hit. We then went back and did a ride through the corner with Lou videoing us. Stay tuned for the movie at Louís next meeting. After I got the nostalgia bit out of the way we continued on to Kyogle to fuel up and then took the dirt road into Nimbin. Coming into Nimbin we got a few drops of rain which was the only rain we got over the weekend.

We headed through the time tunnel at the outskirts of Nimbin to find ourselves back in the sixties and looking forward to the music, etc. We headed straight to Grannyís farm to settle in and were given the choice of a dormitary room or a train in the paddock. We took the train which was excellent with ten beds in rows and were able to park the bikes at the entrance.

Once unpacked it was time to head into town. Lou stayed behind and settled into some serious drinking while the rest of us walked into town to sample the various delights on offer. All these strange people kept trying to sell us things. Very friendly. We checked out the interesting shops in town then headed to the pub for a few drinks and a feed.

We stumbled back to Grannyís farm to find that Lou, Ben and Cliff had grabbed us a couple of cartons of beer and had a fire going outside with some of the other packpackers. What could be better! A guy started playing the guitar with Dave on his didge and Al on drums. We then cranked up some Pink Floyd on the CD player there which seemed appropriate for the place and mood.

Most of the group were pretty wasted by early morning so we stumbled into the train for a few hours sleep. A few were complaining about the snoring and farting going on but I think I was unconscious.

The next morning was absolutely stunning with a warm cloudless sky. We packed up the bikes, said goodbye to the people weíd met and headed up the street for a last look at Nimbin. Dave, Lou, Cliff and Ben decided to stay on for a while. Theyíre probably still there. I can picture Dave sitting in the gutter of Nimbin playing his didge. We then headed towards Murwillumbah and it was absolutely magic winding our way through the hills early morning brushing off the haze from the night before. Brought back memories of the Phillip Island trip.

We turned off to take a back road to Tyalgum to reach the Nunimbah Valley which we discovered was about 30km of dirt but the road was good and was through some great rainforest following a running creek. We stopped briefly at Chillingham and said our goodbyes to Marcus who had to bolt to get home in time for Lynda to get to work.

The Nunimbah Valley was an amazing run. Beautiful roads and country. We stopped at an old house for breakfast that had a verandah over looking the mountains. After the night before, a big feed of bacon, sausages and eggs went down real well. No one wanted to hit the highway yet so we meandered through to Canungra which was another great road and up over Mt Tamborine eventually hitting the highway at Logan. From there it was up the Gateway bypass and home.

It was an absolutely brilliant trip and we had a ball. Some of the best roads you could ever ride on, great country to see and a great time in Nimbin. We all decided it has to be an annual event. Donít miss out next time! Cheers.