T’was the night before the 15th, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse (except for the rather large biped blundering around the vicinity of the fridge, intent on doing bodily harm to the aluminium-clad inhabitants thereof). A thought struggled through the murky mists of this creature’s mind; something to do with tomorrow…..something…..almost got it….not to be missed. Out of the corner of his bleary eye, the glimpse of a shape in the corner of the shed…the bike…the ride….the Sunday. Whoops, almost slipped past me. Into the archives (marvellous things, these newsletters. Much too difficult in this condition to operate electronic machinery) to find time and place.

          After a good snooze, it was off to the appointed meeting place (aren’t we all going to be knackered if it changes?) in great weather to meet up with the crew. A good gathering (and flay me with birch twigs if I forget you – I drink, therefore I forget), including Lyndon, Neil, Marcus, Al., Jonno, JD., Ray, Lou & Janine, Jeff, Gary H….

After Lyndon slowed me down by making demented monkey gestures indicating that my tyre was flat (obviously realising subterfuge is the only way to get past the Bluebird of Happiness), we sailed off along Gold Creek Rd, then on to Skyring Creek Rd. At the T junction at the end, much confusion reigned, as we saw Lou & Janine roar off to the left – we were sure Amamoor was more toward the Gympie area. We decided not to do the lemming thing, and turned right to head out to the park where toothsome snags have been partaken in the past.

          The scene was set with a wisp of smoke curling upwards from the expertly tended fire, and it wasn’t long before the bangers were a sizzlin’. The smell quickly attracted a couple of late arrivals, drooling at the lips like deranged hyenas (no offence, folks), as Rob, Cowboy and Dellis (after too long away) arrived on the scene. The first of our “Pay as you Scoff” barbies ensued, with great success and joy from all attendees. It would have been even better, except JD was distracted by a buggered battery and left the onions sitting at home. No blame apportioned though, as we all know how easy it  is to get distracted  as   we    age……hey – look at the way that cursor blinks at me….. Huh? What? Where was I??  



          The plan from Amamoor was to follow Rob and the Wild Tiger through Gympie, and out to a little known road, the secret of which is only revealed to those who have passed the 7th level of YamaSukiSakiDa, and even then under pain of  Twisted Gonads if they pass on the secret to unworthies. The road was a hoot, with no traffic and the only sounds the roar of the bikes, and the slight eeeeep! issuing from beneath my and JD’s helmets when we managed to run a bit wide on one corner. Beautiful, predictable road, that required a bit of a breather at the end where it turned into dirt, a bit of a chat , and then a fang back to Gympie, for a run out to the Kin Kin pub. Cowboy had opted out of this stage, as Dellis was feeling a bit off (not as off as she would have felt if she had heard the half time discussion), and was to meet us at Kin Kin.          Tin Can Bay Rd. led to another road (first one past the big green rubbish bins, for those of you who don’t know it), and on to the Rubbidy dub. Rob must be a fantastic rider, because I can’t believe a Triumph could make him look that good. Very quick through the sweepers, enough for me to put up the white flag and concede defeat. At the pub, we found Cowboy and Dellis had headed off, sick of waiting for us to arrive (he should know by now how easy it is for children to lose track of time when they’re having a good time!) Some partook of a solid lunch, while others stuck with the liquid variety. Steve M turned up, out on his Sunday sojourn, and invited all and sundry to retire to his deck on the return. It was decided that Brian deserved a visit from us on the way home, so we rocked up to his place for coffee, tea, and some very nice choccy bickies. A good time was had by all, and from there we went our different ways, heading off to obligations, work, or Steve’s place. A perfect day, with some cruising, scratching, bullshit, barbie (by the way, thanks to all members for embracing our Pay as you Scoff barbies – we collected $27.00 from 24 snags!!) and a couple of good laughs.  


Keep the Shiny Side Up


Gary G.