Ray’s Mystery Ride

By Ray


Another mystery ride?  After one last month?  Will they fall for it?  Well, yes they did!!  Some of you anyway.  Myself, Darrell, JD, Gary H, B1, B2, Brian, Lyndon, Lou, Dave and Sarah all left Landsborough at 7:25am, and headed off to Somerset via Peachester and Cruice Park.  Darrell and I got caught behind traffic through Peachester, and didn’t really catch up till Kilcoy.  Fast pace?  You may say so!

  Marcus met us at Somerset in time for the barby brekky ably cooked by Lyndon and Sal.  Sausages, bacon and onion sangas, with barby sauce.  Good Stuff!  Marcus had thought the meeting time was 7:30am, so he must have just missed us at the start.  After coffees from the shop to go with our sangas, it was time to head off.  Mysteriously 4 people and 3 bikes disappeared.  Lou to go and take Janine out to lunch for their 18th wedding anniversary.  Congratulations guys, good effort!  Marcus, Dave and Sarah for family duties.  (Wish they could have come all the way.  It was a great ride).   Anyway off we went with Brian doing an excellent job of leading us to Warwick via Gatton and Ma Ma Creek, after a short stop at Esk for some fellas to refuel.  After fuelling up again at Warwick, 253 km so far, I led the way for the mystery part of the ride to Killarney for a beer!

  They have these strange buildings in Killarney.  They look like they could be general stores, or workshops or whatever but they are all in miniature.  Sal wondered if we could put one on a trailer, and cart it around as our clubhouse.  After leaving Killarney at about midday, I suppose, the mystery ride really got underway, as we were riding on roads I haven’t travelled before.  I don’t think anyone else there that day had been over these roads either, but if you like a good road, with plenty of corners this is for you.  We stopped at Queen Mary Falls, to cook the left over food from brekky, for lunch, and had enough to feed us all.  A few of us then took the short walk to the falls lookout, and it was well worth the effort.  


Back on the road again, and really, this is some fine riding country, a short stop at Carrs Lookout showed us the headwaters of the Condamine River, which is the beginning of the Murray-Darling System, and then back on this road which led us through open farmland and forest and then wound its way down to Boonah.  From pictures I have seen, it looked like we were going over the mountain in the Isle of Mann.  This road is that good.

  We stopped at a little pub at Dugandan, 1km to the south of Boonah to regroup, and have a cold drink.  Her we met Sue (Harley girl), who some members met with her mother at the Bucca Blues Festival.  This time she was travelling with her brother, who was riding his new V-Rod.  They had been over the same road as us, but a bit behind.  As they were leaving, big bro fed it to the V-Rod, but didn’t try hard enough, as the front wheel left the ground for only a few seconds.  Lucky Rocket Rod wasn’t there.  It was about 3pm when we left here, and Brian led the way towards Ipswich, doing a good job until he got to Rosewood, where he missed the turn to Marburg.

  I waited a while to see if anyone realized they were going the wrong way, but as no one did, I had to overtake them, and point them in the right direction.  The short detour also led us over the only dirt road of the ride, albeit due to roadworks.  After organizing a ride wit no dirt roads, Brian found a nice and dusty section just to give everyone something to complain about!  

  After fuelling up just outside of Ipswich, about 404 km by now, we decided to have one last stop at Somerset for a break.  I led the way through Fernvale and Wivenhoe Dam when I was overtaken by the fast boys – Gary H, Sal and JD (who was riding Brian’s TDM) – they must have been eager for that coffee at Somerset.  After our break, Brian and I made a beeline for home, with the others stopping at Kilcoy for more fuel.  (Some bikes could do with bigger petrol tanks).  I arrived home around 6 to 6:30pm after a great day’s ride of 613 km.  A good day’s ride, good company, and did I mention the fantastic roads.


See you next time




And By Lyndon


Ray has put together one of the best rides I have been on.  Hats Off!!  Some thought went into the route to take – and turned out, for me anyway, to be one of the best ride days.  I completed just on 644 km for the day, which included 2 BBQs, 2 pubs, sightseeing, getting lost, scraping the pegs, slow sections and speed runs through Fernvale to Somerset. 

  JD posed for a photo, standing on the unsafe section of the lookout – it was roped off – but in line with our riding style, took little heed.  At the Dugandan Hotel, we settled the dust on the excellent trip down the range from Killarney – to 5 degree higher temperatures also.  Here we bumped into the daughter of the mother/daughter couple who went to Bucca with us.

  Arrived back after dark, totally stuffed and satisfied that I had done almost all those things on a bike that one should do to fulfil the need for speed etc.  For the person psychologically scarred by the spirited wrath of the VFR around Somerset – my apologies.  We both know this is just a one-off event, and under normal circumstances it would be the other way round. 

  Now Brian – how on earth did you manage to make it around the Kimberleys without getting lost (or did you?)  Ray has already touched on this with his report.  Brian leading the pack missed the turn off on the way back and had us all heading back into the late shadowy hills at pace with no sign of buttoning off.  The rest of us had no idea we missed the turn off.  If it wasn’t for Ray’s quick action (pulling us up), we would have blindly headed back into the depths of the Dividing Range once again.  Sorry, Brian, I had to mention this.

  B1 with B2 on the back led the pack, at speed, back into Somerset doing speeds which would have paid the Foxtel bill many, many times over, if caught – naughty boy.  I was just there to keep an eye on ya.  I would have to say that we should do this ride again some time – but in the reverse direction. 


Absolute pearler of a run – thanks again, Ray.