Tamborine Mountain Run 


  by Lyndon.

The weekend was meant to be raining, well that was the forecast anyway. The family was up at the farm, so I had little in the way of issues distracting me from getting ready for the ride.

Now some may have considered taking their mother for a run on the back of their cycle, others may not have - well I did. In the absence of Melissa not being around, I rang mother (knowing that she had enjoyed other short rides years before, and was keen to go again) - “Mother, be at my place at 7:45 sharp”. I was quite firm on this as mother has a history of late arrivals for anything. Mother’s reply was - “Yes, I will set the alarm clock”. ‘Yeah, sure I thought’ as I hung up the phone, – we’ll see…


Next morning humidity and full overcast was the theme, with the threat of higher temps forecast. The bike was prepped the previous arvo, correct pressures - blah blah blah – you know the drill.

So I had a shower, cup of tea in peace, (did I mention the kids were away), breakfast, read the paper, generally relaxed; occasionally glancing slowly at the small clock on the mantle, may even have had the a/cond on, - start the day off nice and cool. Glance at the clock again - Ok mother; we’ll see… I thought.


The wild woman herself

10 minutes to go still no show. Hmmmm…. Stay relaxed I thought, don’t want to get stressed – (did I mention the kids were at the farm). Of course, as predicted the departure time came and went. 7am; the time we were meant to be meeting at Forest Glen mother walked in - “Morning mother”. “Your getting better; only 15 minutes late this time”, but still 100% in the consistency stakes by my record.

In all fairness to mother’s late arrival she did pack enough food, including drink cooler and ice packs, salt and pepper, biscuits, bananas, mayonnaise, and camera to put ‘Venturers’ operating limit capacity in the Guinness book of records, (bless her heart).

Well we were off after the – “yes mother - through two rings and back through one, yes that’s right” kinda stuff. We’re off finally.

Arrived at Forest Glen at 7:30am just as the guys said – “your late were off”; yeah great mother, I thought.

Mother’s response was “Oh dear”; with a silly giggle; “I guess you’ll have to go even faster to catch them”. Hmmmmm.. Now I wasn’t thinking that; but after a millisecond, and with scant concern for my mothers 61 years of health - to this point smugly stated – “yes mother I will” (chuckle). So after quickly fuelling, (the only thing I did not do the arvo before), we were off.


Sal, off into the wild blue yonder.

It had been two years since mother had been on the back, and then for only a short time. This run set the scene for the rest of the day, with mother either too scared, or – and I still can’t get my head around this, the possibility mother actually enjoyed the fanging that I handed out to the VFR that day. I for one would not have been half as relaxed as she was considering some of the pace that was being set at different times. Well done, for some of the best I could hand out mother…you can pillion me any day.

Arriving at Cruice Park we joined Sal , Marcus, Brian, Rob and Estelle, Greg (Hayabusa), Steve (Mapleton), Ray minus Wendy, Steve and Helen Mapleton on the very smooth BMW, Cowboy was to lead the way.

At first we slide our way over Mt. Mee at some pace, riders stopping at the bottom to gather, before as a group again we headed to the h'way for a straight forward run in medium traffic over the Gateway to Springwood then Waterford. A very enjoyable morning tea was had by all at this little a/cond café that Cowboy knew well.

After washing the bikes with a fire hose at the servo, the result of a freshly watered dirt stretch, we headed up Mt. Tamborine. We passed Mr. Plod half way up, and yes I was not doing the speed I should have, – but you get that. All stopped at the top to view the very clear surrounds, as the day had cleaned up nicely, views were excellent. Some of the guys went to the little servo on top of the range only to find they had run out of fuel. Must have been a busy weekend for them.

Down the goat track to Canungra, then up hill down dale 'til we got to Hinze Dam. There was some consternation by a few of the party due to the inability of the business owners to supply amber fluid. At this point there was serious concern for Cowboys well being, as a handy rope surely would have been Cowboys undoing at this point.

Mother pulled the boiled eggs out, salt and pepper, etc etc to the mute confused smile of those around – “yes but theres more” it was kinda like that.

The mayo did come in handy for the hot chips. It’s here that we met a very interesting person. Margaret (local) by chance was sitting at the table where the rest of the guys sat. I was informed that she did not mind us sitting there provided we did not speak to her – so immediately I asked where she was from. Begrudgingly she slowly started to speak. Interestingly enough, towards the end it was hard to get a word in. So it is.

Dry mouths had us off to Advance Town pub for a beer. Some of the guys headed up to the Look Out before returning to the pub. Mother and I were the first there, and seeing a pool just outside the bar had me thinking. Of course I had to indulge myself. The pool was clean clear and very refreshing, in particular when coupled with a cool beer immediately on exiting.

Good cheer was had by all, and some comment was made on how this little pub off the beaten track would suit an overnighter with the club. Bar, pool, BBQ’s, cheap rooms all within stumbling distance of each other appealed to us all.

Finally it was time to move on. Up hill down dale to Beenleigh where Sal was to collect high tech on board video gear for his bike. This chap also plugs bikes into the computer to extract further horsepower. We left Sal, Cowboy, Rob, and Estelle to discuss the finer points of this process. Heading back to the highway as the day was drawing to an end, we whistled our way back home via the Gateway arriving around 6:30pm. There was a still a little excitement for mother with this vehicle wanting to drag us. Little scared to tell mother what speed we got to then.


                                                                                           Could this be Ray's new bike?, No, never.

It was nice to get out of our own neck of the woods so to speak, for a change of scenery and unknown roads. We covered just short of 500 km, Rob taking the award for the longest run of the day coming from Gympie – big day Rob/ Estelle, with Brian from Pomona the second longest. Hope Estelle pulled up ok Rob. In my opinion we should do more of this type of riding from time to time, nice to do some travelling – that’s why we own them isn’t it. A very fine day had by all over some interesting roads. Thanks again for the good company and cheer, and a special thanks to Cowboy for managing to guide the BRMC on a successful away mission – where we are generally infamous for losing each other somewhere along the way only to collect at the other end.

-Cheers Lyndon (Mud)-